Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trinket Boxes

Mother's Day is right around the corner and today I want to share a quick, inexpensive gift for the Mom's in your life.   The supplies that I used are a 3" paper mache box (99 cents each!) from Hobby Lobby, several of the Momenta 6x8 Adhesive Stencils, Momenta acrylic and metallic stencil paint, my handy dandy Groove Tool, and some assorted ribbons also from Hobby Lobby.  

The Momenta paint is so creamy and has excellent coverages so I only needed one coat of paint to cover the boxes.  I used my Groove Tool with the foam applicator to do it quickly.  

Next, I began to stencil the boxes. I love how the stencil sets come with all different sized stencils and I was able to find this chevron pattern that fit so perfectly on the square boxes. 

The other nice thing about using an adhesive stencil is that you are able to easily stencil surfaces that are round. The stencils stays snug to the surface as you add the stencil paint. 
I was also able to add a sentiment on the top.  For this little box I chose the word "dreamer".  The rich gold metallic paint really pops on the teal blue!

I used some double sided red sticky tape to add the ribbons around the boxes and a glue gun to adhere the bow on the top.  I also stenciled a little wooden tag with the word true.

Hope that you enjoyed this project and I hope that it gets your juices flowing! Spring is here and who doesn't love a spring project!


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