Sunday, December 20, 2015

Snowman l.o.v.e

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you are finding time to enjoy this holiday season! As crazy as things have been with myself I have purposefully found some time to create some art.  Today I would like to share with you an adorable snowman that I created using Art-C pallets.

So here we go!

First thing first--I used three different sized pallets and hot glued them together to create the shape of the snowman.
Once the pallets were glued together I then covered them with vintage book paper and sanded the edges with the Groove Tool.

I then mixed white chalk paint and silver metallic paint together to paint the pallets. To apply the paint I used the Groove tool with the bristle brush attachment.  The really cool thing about the tool is how much texture I was able to get by using it with the sponge & bristle applicators.  (Check out this video to learn more)

Once all of the pallets were covered with the paint the way that I wanted, once again I went back in with the groove tool, this time with the sanding block attachment, and distressed the edges to show some of the wood from under the book paper.
Next it was time to bring the little guy to life.  For embellishments I used the Art-C wood letters and these adorable metal snowflakes (swooning-i love them!).  
The letters were a natural color so I painted them with the white chalk paint and while the letters were wet I tapped them in iridescent glitter to add some winter sparkle.  I attached the letters onto a little pennant banner that I cut out of green corrugated cardboard from a collage kit, I strung the banner together with bakers twine and tied it onto the twig arms that I glued onto the pallets. It is so cute!
I chose some vintage buttons for his eyes and button on his chest.  Cut out a little orange nose, and tore up a flannel shirt to make his scarf and used my white gel pen to add some last minute details. Last but not least, I created a black hat with a piece of cardboard from the Art-c embellishment packaging.  I distressed the edges of the hat with the Groove tool with the sanding block.  Once I glued the top hat to him he began to dance around! lol.

This little guy will be able to stay out all winter long on a shelf with some other knick knacks for my family to enjoy!
I hope you find some time to create some beautiful art this holiday season.  All of the supplies that I use for this project are available at your local Michaels. 

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Renee said...

Wow! This is adorable. You're so clever.