Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Jingle Bells!

It is Christmas time again!  This year I feel that Christmas hasn't been shoved down my throat the minute we shut our lights out from passing out Halloween treats to all of the ghosts and goblins.  It has remained more low key; enjoyable even. With limited time this year to my create art I have decided to make more purposeful art.  Often I buy ornaments from my Christmas tree, however, this year I thought it would be nice to create some ornaments instead.  I have really enjoyed working with Art-C wood pallets recently.  Isn't everything cuter when it is tiny?!?! :)
This little ornament is made from a small wooden pallet. Also used were Art-C paints and their adorable stencils, collage pack, and hanging clips for this project.

To begin, I used the Art-C metallic gold paint and painted the pallet and all its nooks and crannies. This paint is creamy and has very good coverage.

Next, I used these great little number stencils; they come in a set and are sticky on one side. The stenciled numbers fit perfectly on the pallet vertically! The fact that they are sticky is great for working on small surfaces like the pallet.  They stayed put as I sponge daubered the brown gel stain on.  I had to apply two coats in order to get a good solid coverage.  


Finally, I cut out some Christmas Tree from some colored corrugated cardboard from one of the Art-C collage kits.  I glued them to the pallet. At the end of the project I used the sanding block on the Groove Tool to distress the edges and to add texture to the tree. 

To complete the project, I used little clips on the pallet, and then added some vintage seam binding to make a bow for hanging.  These little pallet ornaments are great for your own tree to to make as sweet DIY ornaments as gifts.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.  Stop by again soon for some more great projects!

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