Friday, August 08, 2014

Gelliplate Fun!

Hi Everyone!

Summer has been passing by with beautiful weather and slow days that I have been enjoying.  I have been creating like crazy and wanted to share a couple of things I have been up to lately.

I took a class at Kept Creations with Catherine Scanlon last month.  We used a 5x7 Gelliplate with acrylic paints on fabric to create beautiful one of a kinds works of art.   I had owned an 8x10 Gelliplate that I had used occasionally but I have found the 5x7 much easier to work with, especially when creating greeting cards.  These just came easy.  I love the couple that I used gold paint added another dimension of texture to the piece.  I hope you enjoy seeing the cards I have created.  If you haven't followed my blog yet please do so. When I reach 100 followers I am going to have a drawing for some goodies!

Enjoy your day!

This card is a favorite.  I like how the background looks, but, also how I used the pieces of scrap paper that I had trimmed from the other papers I created using the Gelliplate.  I love the the significence of the quote along with the little pieces of scrap papers that signifies how we bring a little bit of our pasts along with us to create the person we currently are today. And look how beautiful the scraps can make us.  Deep I know, but it spoke to me. :)
this one has gold!
some more gold!

like the bright colors of this one and the pop of white uniball pen.

The card above is all metallic colors.  It was fun working with metallics rather than the regular gloss finish.  I love the touch of a white pen!


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