Saturday, March 09, 2013

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Hi Everyone!

With life being uncontrollably busy and with me getting sucked into that busy....blogging has gotten away from me.  I recently realized I began blogging during my divorce way back in 2007 and it had become a place for me to vent, share things I love,  to share the creative side of my soul, things that make me happy, and, also, a place to show off my beautiful daughters who are my heartbeat. So, needless to say, I have missed it immensely.
In January I pick a theme song of the year. This is what I chose this January, 2013

This video helped me realize my priorities weren't in order, including for me personally and I wanted to change it.
The last couple of years have been a blurr to me. Something which does not sit well with me. I hate the busy lifestyle that our lives have become and honestly we have all gotten sucked into and have trouble slowing down. Well last summer I had decided to STOP and take a self inventory of my priorities, where I was, where I wanted to be, and to make the scary first step towards where I wanted to be. I remember the day vividly.  I was at my job, which I did love at the time, and I kept hearing a commercial on the radio over and over throughout the was from JWU and was advertising their Master's program.  Their catch phrase was, "its never to late."  And ya know wasn't for me.  So the decision became reality after some further inquiries and today I find myself dead smack in the middle of the program and couldn't be happier.  At that point I continued to work at my job.

My experience being an artist & designer, a teacher, as well as a salesperson, and then add the knowledge of running a business on top of that sometimes the artist & designer got lost in the mix. Having all those qualities is honestly a rarity.   At the end of my job at RAH this is where I found myself....lost as an artist.  Nothing I created was holistic anymore.  It was contrived to fit the "standard" so to speak.  The freedoms of designing get lost, the focus changes, it is no longer your authentic work, but, rather someone elses idea with your expertise sprinkled on top.  It got stale.  So one day I decided it wasn't fun anymore and decided it was time to part ways.  Scary. Very. but life somehow works out.....and for me right now, its much better.  Of all the things I loved about my job the things I hated were usually my weekends being consumed by work rather than family.  Last season I was only able to attend two of Olivia and Sophia's high school soccer games which I love to be at! That sucked.  I had a choice.....and I made it.  Weekend time with my family this past couple of months has been so rewarding and I am grateful I was able to see the change needed to be made and had the courage enough to do it.

I've been spending time with my parents which had become to say the least, scarce.  I have had more coffee dates and lunches with friends recently.... it is like a new life. 
Then I was able to get a job at the college which not only offered me more time with family and friends but also got me some nice scholarship money! Cha-ching. An unexpected perk but very welcomed one. 
With less stress and anxiety I feel like someone turned on the color in my world again.  I have been able to stop and smell the roses so to speak.  Oh yeah...and find time to shop!  It's becoming a problem!

So that is what is going on with me these days!
I hope this finds you well and you begin enjoying my posts again.

I have a new project which will post tomorrow and on Monday there will be samples and sign up information of my new in-home classes.  I will give explanations on how this will stay tuned!!


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