Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Since I got my new camera I haven't been carrying it around in my pocketbook the way I use to with my old camera.  Luckily yesterday I had it in my car and while driving down the street I noticed these .....what are they even called? Dandelions? I think so.  I pulled over and took a few shots of it.  Our weather has been very rainy and it actually was a great day for photo taking.
Today in the studio I began work on a pretty big project.  It is a journal of sorts and I have to make sure I have the right amount of pages etc.  So I am being very careful in my planning.  More to come about this beauty!
Also in the studio I worked with Copics, dragged out the ole Prismacolor Pencils, and another type of marker that I will be sharing lots more about with you very soon! I'm heading off to bed...hope you have a good nights sleep.


reeree62 said...

Kathie, the class was great last nite! Is there a way to subscribe by email to your blog? Also, are u related to any Deluca's in Middleboro?

kathie deluca said...

Thanks so much! glad you enjoyed it. I think by subscribing then you should get notifications.
See you soon. Hugs!