Friday, November 05, 2010

Cutesy and not me.
I have been looking at this Hero Arts set for two weeks.  Something about it caught my eye.  Odd, because it is so not my style.  I never tend to gravitate towards images that have that cutesy feel to them.  I am more vintage, dirty, darker than bright.  Yesterday I broke down and got it because in my mind I already know I am going to use for a class I have been developing and have had a few mental blocks with.  So, it came home with me.  Last night I went downstairs to help Sophia finish up printing a project of hers and next thing you know I was at my desk using this set that I couldn't decide if I even wanted or not!  I love how my mind works!  What I love most about this set is that I can cut each house up into a million different pieces and pop up window, doors, and rooftops.  The detailed work keeps my mind occupied and happy for hours.  Enjoy this card and keep our eye out for more cards done with this set over the next few weeks.


stampinkaf said...

Looks dirty to me :0) Love it!!

stampinkaf said...

Still looks dirty to me!! Love it!!