Thursday, October 07, 2010

Paper Trey Ink Button Cards

Years ago I was very delighted by Paper Trey Ink's products especially their card stock and the quality of it.  I have a lady bug set of theirs that I bought maybe 6 or so years ago that I still use today.  It stamps nice and crisp, and the images are delicate.  I like it.  It was the having to order it through the mail that I hated and because I am an instant gratification gotta have it now kind of girl I eventually stopped getting stamps sets.
Anyhow, I love the sets that incorporate the buttons in them and this is the first one I have worked with. They are so cute!!!  Hope you enjoy them. Thanks for looking. Enjoy your day.
These little gift tags are so cute! I made a bunch of them
I will be announcing dates for this class soon. 
 i added glitter to his button to make it sparkle!

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Nick said...

OMG KATHIE!!! These are fabulous! I LOVE them!!! I am jealous because of your talent! Love always,