Monday, June 21, 2010

<---Sophia & her Teacher on Recognition Day

<--Olivia & her awesome friend Maddison ready for the Social

My life is overwhelming to say the least.

For the past year I have always just held on really tight and tried to enjoy the crazy ride called L-I-F-E. It's my motto in a way. all seems a little bit immobilizing. I feel that way right now. Not settled, lost, just not content. I am not sure if it is because I can sense something new coming my way and this is somewhat of the calm before the storm, or if I am really wandering just searching for a place I belong. Honestly, I haven't felt the way I do in so long, I actually forgot how much I hate the way it feels. In one word....I could describe it FLAT. The weird thing is that my creative juices are still that is a positive.
My children's life is flying by and the days seem to all blur together as they grow and mature in leaps and bounds daily. I am always the first to complain how hard being a mother is, and how it isn't the life I ever imagined for myself. Truth be told....I am just honest. It isn't what I expected but I do embrace it and give it my full attention and total commitment. I just wish they wouldn't grow so fast. That does make me sad.
My two older girls have had a great month with activities. Both of them had social dances to attend. The dresses, the shoes, makeup, hair .....on and on. Sophia had her 6th grade recognition ceremony. It all came, it went, and now they have moved on to the fact that they are moving on to new schools. A high school freshman, and a big junior high school girl! It's an exciting time in their lives, and as much as I do hate to see them grow up...I love how much they are enjoying this time in their lives.
Here are some pictures from the past month to enjoy.

<----Olivia & Kenna @ Honors Night

<---Sophia with her BFF'S on her Social Night