Thursday, May 20, 2010

What to say...What to say.....
first, i can say wow!! i can confirm that every of ounce of hard work that we put into getting ourselves to inspired was so worth it. no regrets at all!
we met so many amazing ladies. and actually, a few men. this was an experience that i will never forget. i walked away "inspired"... there is no doubt, and can't wait to get all these ideas and inspiration i have in my head out into projects.

here is beth, donna downey, and myself at our booth. she was so sweet, approachable, and fun! i felt like i have known her forever.

<<<------- this lady! Ellen is her name...was totally the glue of our trip. she kept us organized, calm, and focused (if that is even possible), and together. this was the first time we had traveled and roomed together, and we all know those things can go one way or the other, and it was perfect. in every way possible. i can't thank her enough for all she did for us and her amazing hard work! love you ellen!

two amazing is a bag that donna downey herself made and signed for me after i purchased it. this was my souvenir that i chose at her studio the day we visited it. her studio is probably just as you imagined....crisp, inspiring, stocked with all goodies that make you go ohhh and ahhh.... your heart races when you walk in and her work that i have always admired online is even more beautiful in person....she thinks in such a different way than i do...i love it!

the second bag (top one) is a camera bag made by teresa collins which she made to be auctioned off at Inspired 2010 with the proceeds to benefit hope for Haiti. deluca...who never wins anything...was the big winner of this bag! its pink, pretty, and i love it!!!
two things i will treasure forever.
hope all is well with everyone! a to the left and follow my blog!
hugs, kathie

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