Friday, March 05, 2010

Every now and then I struggle when I am trying to come up with a layout or card....and I work on it and then walk away for awhile, go back, and this can occur several times. Then all of a sudden it "clicks" and the vision that I have had in my mind that I have have struggled with being able to translate on paper eventually evolves and comes to life on the paper that has sat in front of me for so long. Its rewarding when it happens, sometimes more than others. This layout is one of those times. I love it! The tiny details that make it all come together. I hope it makes you smile when you look at it and brings you hope that the beautiful sunny weather is right around the corner. Spring is on its way.
I hope you can find a breath of sunshine in your world even if it isn't sunny in your neck of the woods. hugs. k.

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