Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today we had snow. I was able to sleep in and it felt really good! Of course I had somewhere to go this morning ...but I just slept right through it. Yeah me! I have a few days off before I have to teach....of course I have tons of samples to do....but I find it really hard to slow down ...it is almost like I need four or five days to slow down, then I can actually relax. It is weird. It is day two of vacation and the kids are driving me nuts...they are bored....don't want to relax....I was considering getting them a job...then they wouldn't be bored. Tomorrow they are going with their Grandmother bowling so I have some time to myself.....
As usual, work has been so busy and I can't be more fulfilled. Our next crop is coming up on the 28th and we are close to sold out again this month. We are celebrating "chicks & chocolate"...snicker....we have some cute things in store!! Whoot! Whoot!!
If you got some snow I hope you are enjoying some time to look out and enjoy its beauty.
hugs, k.

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