Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well the new year has arrived and we are all filled with promise and hope. Me included. I was able to take a few weeks off at the end of the year and it was really great. We were able to spend time together "hanging around" as a family doing the things we use to do before I was working full time. We played games, watched movies together, things like that. I actually cleaned and organized closets, vacuumed the curtains out and the ceilings...things i use to just love to do! NOT! but it did feel good to do them again.

Olivia turned 14 on Christmas Eve and she had a party for her friends during vacation. This is a picture of some of the kids along with Olivia in her friend Errols "gangster" hat and gold chain. I can not remember where his family is from, but Olivia just gets a kick out of his clothing and she was making me laugh so hard that night. She still looked pretty even as a "gansta" LOL.
Here is the newest member of our family...our new hedgehog named Oliver..Ollie for short.

This is the day we went to visit him and we picked him up about 5 days later on. He is doing well and is growing so quick. I really love him and hope maybe someday I will have a hedgehog to call my own.
Here is Miss Emily. Emeril came to town to our local supermarket and she was so excited to meet him. There were no photo's allowed with Emeril, so the cardboard cutout was the next best thing. She did get to meet him, talk with him, he signed her book as well as her apron. She wants to be a pastry chef. For 10 Years old this girl can bake! I was happy for her and know it is a memory she will hold in her heart forever.
Check out my new classes for January.... there are some great things coming up!!
Hope your well.
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