Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Sophia Elizabeth!

Wait! Don't go! Your at the right blog....I have changed my look! Do you like it? Both Beth and I have matching blog banners as well as our new Scrapendipity typepad blog banner. So ...we....are all like matchy-matchy! Cool!
Life has been so awesome lately. Teaching has been so good. Meeting great ladies all the time. Scrapendipity had its frist sold out crop last month....
My girls are great.
Today is Sophia's 12th birthday. I went to visit her at school and spend time in her was amazing to see her get up in front of her class with her friend and rap. She is...well I think I can say WAS my shy girl. As a little girl she was constantly nestled up in my lap, needing to be held until I had wispered in her ear enough times that "she could do it" little things, big things, didnt matter....she was always cautious. To see her blossom is not only amazingly great to watch as a parent, but also just so..... sweet knowing that all the time I worried about her being shy was wasted, as I now know...she had to blossom in HER time. I always tell you how I love my kids birthdays...they are days that are etched into my mind never to be forgotten and I love to recall them.
Today I am thankful, grateful, and happy to be the Mom of this amazing 12 year old.

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Megan C said...

What a great picture of you and Sophia. She is growing into quite the young lady. Happy Birthday Sophia :)