Monday, December 07, 2009

Finally a breath. It feels good.
I am in the process of preparing for my holiday. This year just seems to mellow. Life is just so hectic and I feel when the whole country is in such a financial uproar we really should cancel the gift giving hoop-la this year. It could be the year without gift. The Christmas of Love and Togetherness....something like that. I was taught the Lord loves a cheerful giver. It is hard to be cheerful about giving when it is such a burden. Its a poor attitude, I agree, but its truthful.

Enough about that. We are going to put up our tree this week and put some lights outside. The girls are quite excited about it I have to take a deep breath because I really like to decorate my own tree. When they were little, I had a "kids" tree in our family room area, and "my" tree in our formal living room, now our dining room. So this year I am sure they are going to want to decorate both trees. One tradition that we love is each year is that I purchase the girls an ornament that is for them. As a rule, it reflects their interest that particular year, or them in general. They LOVE pulling out the ornaments and remembering back to when they received it. I also love it because it does bring back warm memories to me as well. I often complain how fast these girls are growing, and it does sadden my heart to think how old they are. Them being babies was such a great time in my life I always remember back to those days and long to have had them last a little bit longer.......

My January class schedule is almost complete and full. I will be finishing up some samples by weeks end and my blog will show all of them! Some repeats and some new goodies on the way. A few of them I am really excited about! Also, our first Scrap-en-dip-ity crop of the year is January 16th, and we are anticipating a sell our crowd for this one. I recommend booking early.
Details to follow.

I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a safe Holiday Season. May Peace fill your hearts and lives.

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