Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh My World!
Life has been such a dream lately. Crazy busy but with awesome busy-ness. The kind I love. 100% of my focus has been on creating....everyday and it has really stepped up my game! I am thrilled with that aspect of my life.
The soccer season has been going full force again and we always love that. My friends always ask me how I can stand almost every day of the week, sometimes twice in a day....but I love it and love the passion that Liv and Sophia have for it. Sophia especially has a drive for it. She craves it as I do with my creating. I understand that side of her. For Liv it seems to be more of a social element of her life. Emily is just happy sitting in her room with paints, brushes, and markers and she is happy as a clam.
Olivia has been sick with pneumonia for the last week and has been home sick from school. I worry because she worries so much about the work that she misses while out. I told her not to worry and if the work is made up, its made up and if not.....just get well soon!!!!
Very soon this will be my personal blog again and I can use it just for my personal life and not so much my work life. The website is actually in our hands at this point and we are able to make the changes to it ourselves. Yippee! We have been contracted for advertising and are looking to launch it OFFICIALLY in the next two weeks. We are thrilled and it has been a long rode, but is a road of commitment and determination that will produce a healthy outcome {fingers crossed}
I hope this finds you well.
let me know how your world is.

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