Friday, September 25, 2009

Me Time....
Recently I was asked if I ever do anything "for myself" anymore, paper wise..... When you do what you love everyday it is hard to even think that you aren't doing something for yourself so to speak. So I took these pictures last year at our annual Gingerbread House Making Party. I knew I wanted to do something with I finally did. I am more than pleased how it came out. Not sure if this will be store class, crop class, or maybe I will just keep it as a one of a kind for just ME! Do you love this book? I did so many different techniques in this book and use My Minds Eye papers for this one. Tell me what you think......(aka COMMENT!)
The past few weeks have been such a worldwind. It has been so perfectly busy. Beth and I daydream just about everyday how we are going to have a huge open space someday with lots of workers who we hand pick....and just laugh all day long....and create!
I would like to announce that I will be teaching in October and November at a store in NH named the NH Scrapbook Cabin. Last month when Maria and I took a few days to go away for BFF time we stopped in the store and like it alot. One thing led to another and we have arranged some dates! So if your up sking or viewing the foliage soon stop by this store!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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