Monday, August 17, 2009

I love this smile!!!

Good Morning to all my KOOKYDELUCY friends!
Today is so beautiful outside and I had such an amazing weekend. I really feel refreshed, light, and happy as I begin this very busy week. That is a good thing!!
My weekend ended with a note from my friend Jeanne with pictures of my adorable little friend Caitlyn and her sister Carissa.
I have probably been better friends with Caitlyn than with her mom from day one. I met her last November while I was at work one day and I instantly had a bond with her. Odd I know seeing she was only 4 at the time! Goes to show you my mental :o) Her curiosity and maturity reminded me alot of my daughter Olivia when she was that age. Its like talking to an old lady! Anyhow, I (think) she had the same instant bond with me. Again odd.
Well a while back she came into work to visit me to share some unfortunate news with me. She had been diagnosed with cancer. It broke my heart and as she sat there telling me the details I held back my tears and my heart was crumbling inside. By the time she left I felt better because of her bravery and her outlook on the situation. Her mom is like a rock...strong...amazingly strong. I've often thought about if Caitlyn was my daughter how I can only imagine that I would crawl into a ball in a corner and become immobilized. Amazingly enough the Lord has given this whole family the grace to carry on and take this battle one day at a time. Truly amazing to watch.
So I ask you to keep Caitlyn and her family in your thoughts and prayers as they continue this battle with cancer. Caitlyn recently had surgery and is in a back brace that is very uncomfortable, especially in the weather as you can imagine. Shes a strong little girl that has made an impact on my life. Thank you for your prayers.

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