Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello There!

Here are some pictures from our First Crop. Thanks again to everyone who came and we are excited for next months crop! We have two of our four projects already completed and will be posting them on September 8th, here on my blog. We are hoping our website will be completed by then and we will have links to our company and personal blogs. So much to think about!!
Of course we have a theme again this month...and we hope to not see another cupcake for a looonngggg time!!! Our second crop has been named its "oh la la" and it needs to be said with a sultry accent and lots of umph!! (let me know if you need a personal demonstration!!)
A couple of the pictures are very funny....at one point late in the evening Beth had an incident with the stickles and practically the entire bottle landed on her face!!! Oh it was so funny and was the "look of the day" You can see how fresh we looked in the morning and how wilted we looked in the night...but we wouldn't have changed it for the world. Madonna Botswana showed us all how to eat a cupcake properly, and after almost a year...I was able to get Lisa in a picture!!!
Thanks again and sign up today for the next crop to ensure your spot!!

hugs, kathie


kathie said...

Doin' what i love, and lovin' what i do!!! The first of many fun events to come. Thanks to all you ladies for your support.

Melissa R said...

It was worth the humidity! :)
Super yummy supper!!

brokenbear98 said...

That was an awesome time!! The humidity just added to the atmosphere. Very excited for the next one. Those who missed the first one, don't miss any more. You missed alot of fun!!!

Brenda said...

Kathie, you sure are hard to get in touch with. My husband told me you called, but you did not leave your number.

I couldn't remember the name of your blog, but...I found you!

Call me when you get a chance.