Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello Everyone!

I've just returned from a nice long vacation from Pennsylvania. I will post some updated summer pics this week. It's mid week but I am back into the swing of things. Beth and I have been working on some things for all of our upcoming projects, classes, and crops. We both found out this week that we will be in the Autumn 2009 issue of Take Ten Magazine. This was Big Girl Beth's 6th time to be published and my 1st!! I think it is still as exciting no matter how many times you get published. We have lots of other things out there for consideration so hopefully you will be seeing us around a lot more. Oh...did I mention I got published for the FIRST time ever!! Very exciting!

Sadly, we found out this week that Beth or I will NOT be teaching at Bella ART anymore as we had hoped for. I know we had told you that we would be and thank you all for your interest in our classes. All of my classes will be listed here on my blog.

I have many different classes I will be teaching at RIGHT AT HOME SCRAPBOOKING in Attleboro, MA. It is right over the RI line and is really worth the trip especially if you love to scrapbook and love embellishments & an amazing assortment ribbon. They also have an extensive selection of COPIC Sketch markers. It makes me happy just to look at all the pretty colors line up! (I know its a sickness!)

Our official Scrap-en-dip-ity company website and company blogs should be up and running (fingers crossed) within the next two weeks. So all of Beth's classes will be listed there when that all happens. In the mean time if you want to know about a specific class just shoot us an email at

Our crop is filling up nicely as we had hoped for. We have LOTS of surprises ready for that day! Some great door prizes....raffles, yummy food! and lots of fun and laughs. You may even find a sweet treat or two waiting for you!!

Add yourself as a follower of this blog so you know when we update. Hope you have a great day the SCRAP-EN-DIP-ITY way!



stampinkaf said...

What do You mean your not teaching at Bella? Beth either? Wow... that's to bad, I absolutely LOVE all your classes I was really looking forward to the Cricut class. Will you be teaching that at Right at home? If so You WILL be seeing me there! I look forward to the new surroundings at the new store!

stampinkaf said...
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stampinkaf said...
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julie said...

Hi Kath,

I was sad to hear you weren't going to working at Bella NO classes, what's up with that??? I guess i will be taking a ride to take the classes. I'll see you on the 23rd (i believe ) for the all day crop!! Keep smiling - your awsome

Andrea said...

Ladies, I was priviledged to see a sneak peek at the upcoming Scrapendipidy So-Sweet Crop Projects and WHA HOO! What a fantastic day planned! I can't wait to celebrate your new adventure. I'm really looking forward to being a regular customer.

kathie said...

You are all so sweet! We both love you all so much! Part of the Serendipity of all this is we are where we are because of a reason. That is part of the reason both Beth and I chose the Scrapendipity name. We discovered something we both totally weren't expecting. We experienced something last October that was mind blowing and really turned our heads around as well as the way we think. And without ever expecting it we are where we are today. We look forward to creating with all of you weather it be at a class at a store we are teaching, a crop, whatever...its about friends getting together, having fun, and sharing the same interests. Thank you for your support and kinds words. No need to feel bad. All things work together for good.
See you soon!

Simba said...

What in integrity...I wish you both all the success in the world, You are very talented women and shall succeed in all you do. I very much look forward to your crop and upcoming classes both through Scrapendipity and RAH. And Kathie, Congratulations on being published...AWESOME!