Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Virginia, Spring 2009

Well here my family and are in the place I truly love and hope to call home in the future. We don't know what the future really means, but we dream about it. The pace, the climate, the friendliness of practically everyone here is so wonderful!

When we vacation we always strip down to the bear basics and it is just a great thing to do. This is the first time in a long time that we debated about bringing phones and computers. We decided that we would. Is it a good thing, I'm not sure yet, but it does allow me to blog and keep up with some other things that I do love! {tee hee}

So we have no makeup, hairdryer, hair straightener, soccer balls, one bag of clothes for each of us, and our family. The family part ends up always being the most important part. We drive in the car with no radio and talk instead. We ask each other unusual questions about each other....likes and dislikes, the kids always ask us questions about our pasts, the girls tend to ask questions about our world. Its good.

The one thing I saw a shift in so far is the relationship between Olivia and Sophia strengthening, and the one between Emily and her weaken. Being 11 she seems to be more in touch with Olivia, age 13, then Emily at age 9. In one way it saddens me, but in the other I am thrilled for the relationship the two older's are developing.

Emily never shuts her mouth not one minute. She talks just to talk. We have decided that if we took half of what she says and then take a 1/4 of that ....that's about all that is true. She embellishes every story to the hilt, and it kills us all! Its funny how on a busy day to day life you miss alot of these little things. We lover her so much because shes just out little baby girl. Its not easy being the baby.

Chris is enjoying his time off and has been grinning from ear to ear the whole time we have been here. He is my fourth child. He kicks the girls butt in every possible game he can. He calls it "no mercy". Poor girls. He claims it will build character. I think they will just end up hating him--lol!

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