Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring and some birds have sprung!
This baby birdie must have thought I was his mamma with some food, but no....just a camera lens! Last year you may recall my photo of the blue robins eggs, this year I knew the next was up there but never took any photos in fear the girls would find out there was a nest and it would land on the ground like last year. Much to my surprise though I did find 2 (that I know of) little baby robins in the nest this year. So sweet!!!! Its amazing to me how birds live for one with the weather and elements that they are face with, how they fly, and are able to give birth and raise their babes....uhhh.....
Things here have been a little off. Not quite use to being back from vacation, got use to the pace we were living each day and really was satisfied with it. I was able to be creative and focus only on my own work. I really enjoyed my time this year in Virginia and am really sad to be here in RI. I need to get use to it.
Chris had a nasty flu bug and got knocked off his butt for a few days. We really didn't have much sickness this winter and was glad it stopped at him and didn't go all through the house.
Before we know it the pool will be open and days at Grammies pool with soon be upon us. I am still trying to figure out how we will work out the kids this summer with me will be interesting.
I hope everyone is enjoying this time of the year as I do and is able to take life nice and slow.

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