Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slater Mill, Pawtucket, RI

I was able to be a chaperon for Sophia's class to Slater's Mill in Pawtucket, RI. It was such an amazing day and I was so happy to be able to go along with her. Before working full time I was at the school probably an average of four times a week. I volunteered alot! It was a warm feeling also because I was obviously missed! It was great to see all the teachers and staff!
I really liked this picture that was posted in the Wilkinson Mill building. The work ethics back then were so amazing.... It could be said as it was and the employer wasn't being politically incorrect .

I was given very strict instructions by my girl to behave! She wanted me to act "normal" and not burst out in song at any given moment! I abided and we really had an educationally great day! The really weird thing is I felt like I have lived my past life in that era. It was comfortable, I could see myself doing many of the daily chores with pleasure.
I took over 100 photos and really captured some amazing shots!
Here is one of my favorites of the day. It was in the Brown House. It was one of the beds.
They explained how the key (which is the wooden piece on the bed) was used at night to tighten the ropes that served as a box spring of today's times. The phrase "sleep tight" comes from this chore.

Signs of S-P-R-I-N-G in New England
Couldn't help but take some pics of the early signs of spring popping up at Slater Mills today. I've officially have Spring Fever!
Hope this finds you well!!

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