Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slater Mill, Pawtucket, RI

I was able to be a chaperon for Sophia's class to Slater's Mill in Pawtucket, RI. It was such an amazing day and I was so happy to be able to go along with her. Before working full time I was at the school probably an average of four times a week. I volunteered alot! It was a warm feeling also because I was obviously missed! It was great to see all the teachers and staff!
I really liked this picture that was posted in the Wilkinson Mill building. The work ethics back then were so amazing.... It could be said as it was and the employer wasn't being politically incorrect .

I was given very strict instructions by my girl to behave! She wanted me to act "normal" and not burst out in song at any given moment! I abided and we really had an educationally great day! The really weird thing is I felt like I have lived my past life in that era. It was comfortable, I could see myself doing many of the daily chores with pleasure.
I took over 100 photos and really captured some amazing shots!
Here is one of my favorites of the day. It was in the Brown House. It was one of the beds.
They explained how the key (which is the wooden piece on the bed) was used at night to tighten the ropes that served as a box spring of today's times. The phrase "sleep tight" comes from this chore.

Signs of S-P-R-I-N-G in New England
Couldn't help but take some pics of the early signs of spring popping up at Slater Mills today. I've officially have Spring Fever!
Hope this finds you well!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Life is going great!
First....I want to say a couple of things for all the crazy critics I have.....
I don't have only one child...I have three. Three great girls. They are all very active and are very different. I will go through phases when I blog about one more than the other but I do mention them all time to time. Olivia is NOT my favorite although alot of things about her are my favorites. Just like Sophia and Emily have alot of favorite things I like about them. When I was little, I always thought my brother Richard was my mothers favorite, and my brothers always thought I was the favorite. If you ask my kids who my favorite is they will each answer themselves. I do love them all equally and I do understand how easy it is to love all your kids equally. So, although I still know my brother Richard is my mothers favorite...I love all my kids equally!
Enough said about that.
Here is a photo of my two girls, my niece and my mother. Just for an extra picture of them to show that I do take pictures of them!! {bawk!!!}
Secondly, Beth & I are great friends...that's why we spend so much time together. We have kids the same age, our husbands work crazy, unusual hours...we both enjoy paper crafting. All of these things make an equation for us to spend lots of time together. I take photos all the time of everything in my life, shes in my life, so I take alot of pictures of her. She is crazier than I am, I love that! Just friends. Both Married. Both Crazy. Both have kids the same age. We only met last November...and became instant friends. So please don't complain that I blog about her too much. She is quite a comical topic in my opinion. And, this is MY blog. {tee hee}
Erin O'Bella
Here is the
Bella doll of the month.

She is so beautiful!! {my favorite so far!} The class is on March 18th, 6-8 so please call the store to sign up! Love her!!
And Lastly.... What would a post be without something about my favorite kid....Liv. Did I say favorite? Oh, I meant one of my favorite kids..... tee hee.
She got her braces on Monday. I love them because it makes her look so much younger. Like 13, instead of 16. So it is worth all the money to look at her and realize she is just my 13 year old baby girl. Her mouth is sore, she ate a little solid food today, and in a few days she will be fine. Enough drama for Olivia for awhile. And while I have every ones attention: I will give a big shout out to my girl....She got her interim report today and she is passing EVERYTHING. Yup- right now.....already! She works great under pressure and always waits until the last minute to pull up her grades. Shes been on punishment more since September than her whole entire 13 years of living. I'm proud of her and am happy she is getting her act together! Wahhhooo for Olivia!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Happpy Birthday Sweet Charlotte!!!

Yesterday was my grandmother Charlotte's 88th birthday. As we all get older what can give us hope is that this is the face of the new 88....not bad huh? Also, 88 doesn't seem all that old in today's times. My Sweet Charlotte is an amazing woman. she is a breast cancer survivor and lives each day with zest and vigor. We had a great party for her where all of her daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters, (and a couple of little boy party crashers) get together and celebrate her. She lost her companion about 18 months ago as many of my readers recall. She is doing remarkably well.

So Happy 88th Birthday Sweet Charlotte!!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

One day when Olivia was sick so she took the day out of school and she came to work with me. I took lots of photos of her on the computer, with her phone, and of her hands on the mouse with her little nubby nails she bites so much! When I took a class with Cheryl Mezzetti few weeks ago, I immediately knew the pictures I was going to use in this album.

I am happy to share it with you and am thrilled with how it came out!! I feel I was able to capture what I was hoping to.


I took some photos and switched them into black & white because I think by doing this you can take the focus off the colors in the photo or the surrounding "noise". You are able to focus on the subject .

Have a great week!!