Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy,........

Things have been just that busy....Happy Busy.

My creative outlet has been absorbed by my work at the store. Which is fine, but I really have a lot of ideas floating around in my mind that I am looking forward to put together for myself. Lots of projects for the kids that I want to create before all of our summer activites begin.

This day was truely a highlight of the new year. I was able to take a class with Cheryl Mezetti last weekend when she came to Bella ART. I am just putting the finishing touches on my album and will post it in the next few days. Her story is so amazing and she has to be one of the most unassuming woman I have ever met. I think if we lived closer I would invite her over to "play". If she is in your area, keep you eye out and take a class. Its amazing!

My Poor Girl has had her share of troubles these past few months and last week was no exception. She ended up spending her school vacation sick. We were at the Stat Care a few times and then ended up at Hasbro Childrens Hospital. She has a staph infection and is on her way to recovery. And...for the record, I once again landed on a stretcher next to her after I passed out.......Drama--Drama!!!

And poor friend Beth..... for those of you who are thinking about pissing me off...or want my job....I wouldn't dare try it because as many of you know about the battle between Beth and I that has been going on for sometime has finally come to an end. I am the winner. Enough Said.

Hope all is well in your world, {hugs}, kathie

Sunday, February 08, 2009

blah, blah, blah....
It always amazes me readers how much you miss me when I take a little sabbatical leave. But you NEVER leave me any comments, love, or song while your here??!?!? This confuses me. But I am sick of listening to many of you whining...AND....I have alot of great things to share with
First...if you are local I formally invite you to visit us at BELLA ART on Saturday, Februay 14th, between 10:30 and 4 o'clock for our first annual CHOCOLATE Fest. Yes!! You read that correct, we are having a Chocolate Fest on Valentine's day. I'm not giving away all the deets--but, let me just tell you there will be a chocolate fountain flowing as well as many other sweet goodies!! Don't miss it!!

Here is a peek at a special project I am making for my three little sweethearts for Valentine's day. I will reveal more as I finish them. They should be done tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed!! These key chains are from Maya Road.

Here is the layout that I submitted for this months Design Team Challenge. We had to complete a non-traditional "Love" (love-love/hate-passion--that type of thing) layout in non-traditional colors. We also had to follow a Page-Map from Becky Fleck. I had to pay tribute to my goomba Beth...she is growing on me....and I'm almost beginning to love her...well in GOOFY way!! This style is very not "me", but its growing on me as well.


Lastly---seeing all the newest products from CHA has really just been amazing. Tons are ordered and on there way. Every time I think I am sick of paper---my breath gets taken away. Ugg....its really a sickness. I am a paper whore--there I said it!!!!

I hope your all well.

Let me know your favorite CHA releases you have seen. HINT: that's an indication to LEAVE A COMMENT!!

Have you seen the newest Nestabilities?