Thursday, January 08, 2009

Peg Stamps.

Product Highlight
Peg stamps are a stamp that is mounted on a wooden dowel. They come in two sizes --small, and smaller...tee hee...ok, tiny. Today on this card I used all tiny stamps. You could mix the two, but I chose to use all the same this time. I like to use Trio masking tape. This tape allows you to mask off an area then take it off as well as reuse it over and over a few times. It comes on a roll and so you can make it any length you want. It also comes in several widths. A few things about this tape, it is very similar as a post-it note type of tackiness, but, it stays tackier lines up so much easier and gives you a nice crisp line. Sometimes when you use a post-it note to do this the lines don't line up as well and aren't as crisp. These stamps come in a lot of different floral shapes with many different flowers and foliage. In this one I used some hearts as well. You add some stickles and they are beautiful and quick to make. I use versa color ink with them because the ink stays wet a bit longer and they work perfectly for this type of technique.
I do teach this class several times a month and the class is always a favorite. The effect you get from a solid piece of cardstock, a few inks, and stickles is quite amazing!! Have you tried them before? What was your outcome?? Any tips you would like to add??? Give me some comments!!!


kc71595 said...

WOW! That is a beautiful card! I thought all the stamped area was actually fabris or scrap paper. You do an amazing job! I don't have the patience to work with stamps. I've tried, not for me. But you have a great talent. Thanks for sharing!

MaryNSC said...

I thought that was a ribbon material.LOLOLOL WOW UNREAL.. Love it