Sunday, January 25, 2009

11 Ladies...1 Sleepova....11 chair massages...1 amazing hostess, all acting like 7 year old little girls.....its......Priceless.............
I was lucky enough to be 'included" in a fun night of crafts, food, drinking, games, drinking, back massages, and oh yeah...some more drinking!!!!
My FBFF Andrea invited me to this years festivities for the first time. Her hostess skills are quite impeckable. We played an awesome game called rob your neighbor. And I am more than proud to announce that I was the big winner of the night leaving with six prizes!! Does that mean I'm a good robber> hummm...
It really was a good time. We laughed until we peeded ourselves. In my lifetime I have been known a time or two to be the "loud" one at a party...well....believe it or not my FBFF Beth is always the life of the party and I am a wallflower. It really is fun being a wall flower sometimes. She had a photo shoot, the three of us had a photo shot, and I couldn't resist taking pics of Fran dancing in her own little world. I shared some photos with you. Enjoy!
Thanks Andrea for opening your home to what was a very memorable night!!
I hope this post finds everyone well and enjoying the frigid air!! I love it.

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