Sunday, January 25, 2009

11 Ladies...1 Sleepova....11 chair massages...1 amazing hostess, all acting like 7 year old little girls.....its......Priceless.............
I was lucky enough to be 'included" in a fun night of crafts, food, drinking, games, drinking, back massages, and oh yeah...some more drinking!!!!
My FBFF Andrea invited me to this years festivities for the first time. Her hostess skills are quite impeckable. We played an awesome game called rob your neighbor. And I am more than proud to announce that I was the big winner of the night leaving with six prizes!! Does that mean I'm a good robber> hummm...
It really was a good time. We laughed until we peeded ourselves. In my lifetime I have been known a time or two to be the "loud" one at a party...well....believe it or not my FBFF Beth is always the life of the party and I am a wallflower. It really is fun being a wall flower sometimes. She had a photo shoot, the three of us had a photo shot, and I couldn't resist taking pics of Fran dancing in her own little world. I shared some photos with you. Enjoy!
Thanks Andrea for opening your home to what was a very memorable night!!
I hope this post finds everyone well and enjoying the frigid air!! I love it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WOW! The power if HP!

My blog has been overloaded today with very welcomed visitors. Thanks for visiting! Many of you were expecting to see some instructions on the piece that was featured on the HP Newsgram, so here you go!!

Above is a sampling of some pictures from our fall day to the farm. I am a scrapbooker so when I take my pictures I make sure I cover the basis with many different photos that will tell a story all by themselves even without journaling.

I print all my pictures is 4x6, and then I choose several of them and print them in 2x3, and then several of them in wallet sizes. One advantage to a layout of this sort is that you are able to fit soooo many photos on a page that even in a two page layout it could never happen.

At this point I take a ruler, cutting mat, x-acto knife, and a 1" hand punch. On the wallets and the 2x3 photos if I can use the hand punch I do. For all the other pictures I use the x-acto knife and ruler to cut each picture into 1" squares. It is tedious at you can tell its worth the effort!

Next, I put each square onto a 12x12 piece of card stock with removable adhesive. By using this type of adhesive you can move squares as you fit in additional pictures. When you choose photos you don't have to use the whole photo, instead just make sure you crop it into even inch increments so you can get full 1" squares from it.

You can save a portion of the layout to add a title or other elements.

Once you have the whole layout as you like you can then put permanent adhesive onto it to keep it securely in place. You can add it into an album or display it in a frame as I did here.

Feel free to visit often and ask any questions if needed. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this project.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I know this picture is a bit dark, but one of the girls took it of me and toby sleeping the other night. They are beginning to understand "capturing the moment". Sweet!

Lots of great things going on in my world:

~~Some of my new classes are now posted on the store website and ready for you to register for them, you can go to then click workshops on the left hand side. There are also some classes taught by my friend Beth Atma that are really great!

~~Four of us from the store are going to a great show at the end of March. This is my first big show and I am so excited about it. I have chosen my classes and am all registered for them. I was able to get into the class with Tim Holtz! (what a pity! tee hee)

~~The girls didn't have school yesterday was too cold! C-R-A-Z-Y!! But today its even colder and they had to go.....things that make you go hummmmm......

~~Hope everyone enjoys their day!

Saturday, January 10, 2009's a little secret...........

Jenn from Amuse is coming to Bella ART! Go to her website and take a sneak peak...

And....seeing you are here.....and I'm telling you the store and sign up before it goes public!! tee heee..... Don't ya just love a secret??

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Peg Stamps.

Product Highlight
Peg stamps are a stamp that is mounted on a wooden dowel. They come in two sizes --small, and smaller...tee hee...ok, tiny. Today on this card I used all tiny stamps. You could mix the two, but I chose to use all the same this time. I like to use Trio masking tape. This tape allows you to mask off an area then take it off as well as reuse it over and over a few times. It comes on a roll and so you can make it any length you want. It also comes in several widths. A few things about this tape, it is very similar as a post-it note type of tackiness, but, it stays tackier lines up so much easier and gives you a nice crisp line. Sometimes when you use a post-it note to do this the lines don't line up as well and aren't as crisp. These stamps come in a lot of different floral shapes with many different flowers and foliage. In this one I used some hearts as well. You add some stickles and they are beautiful and quick to make. I use versa color ink with them because the ink stays wet a bit longer and they work perfectly for this type of technique.
I do teach this class several times a month and the class is always a favorite. The effect you get from a solid piece of cardstock, a few inks, and stickles is quite amazing!! Have you tried them before? What was your outcome?? Any tips you would like to add??? Give me some comments!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Whaooo---look who's FORTY!!
To begin let me tell you one of my pet peeves in life. In the English language we spell the word four just that F-O-U-R. So my question is this: why wouldn't we spell forty F-O-U-R-T-Y??
It bugs me!!
Today I turned the big 4-0. So I am officially a forty year old woman with the mind of an 18 year old. Scary.
My husband surprised me with a party at Cassarino's in Providence tonight. It was so fun and special. The funny thing is that he also held my 30th birthday party there but claims he didn't remember that. (men!!) At my 30th birthday party we announced the fact that we were pregnant with our youngest daughter Emily. It really amazes me how fast time flies. Here she is tonight 9 years old....too quick!
It was small gathering of family and friends and was just perfect. My grandmother Charlotte came which meant alot to me because she isn't big on family gatherings these days. My parents, brothers, sister-in-laws, my mother in law Betty, our friends Maria & Andy, Kim & Michael, and Julie & Paul were all there along with my three girls. It was a great way to start the new year!
I wish everyone a very safe, healthy, and happy New year!!!
{hugs} Kathie