Saturday, December 13, 2008

Down and Out and Trying to Recover.
Have you been wondering where I have been?? I have been getting over the trauma that the women in this picture has caused me! I have a job I love, crave, and desire. This blonde bombshell thinks that she would like the job that I love, crave, and desire. She impersonates me every chance she gets, sits in my seat at work, and dreams about what it would be like to work at Bella Art. She has even stooped to telling my boss that I drink on the job. So....if you ever see her, just make sure you let her know how much you love ME working at Bella Art. She has been published twice in Take Ten Magazine and is incredibly talented, but can't let it end there, she must have it ALL and I am going to make sure she doesn't get quite "all" of everything!!!! Help with the cause to KEEP MY JOB! Give me advice as to what you would do if you were in this situation!

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Shift Worker said...

You are effervescent and talented beyond measure. Don't be distracted by this envious woman! (If she can bring out the worst in you, she just may have your job.)

My advice? Acknowledge her talent. Affirm her worth as a human being. And set your boundaries firmly. For example, "It's not really professional when non-staff sit in the chairs, so could you excuse me?"

(Perhaps more importantly, next time you drink on the job, offer her some. ROFLOL)