Sunday, November 16, 2008

week in review!

Hey There Everyone!
Design Team meeting today at Bella Art. We are still all getting to know each other, but boy it was fun! Many of us have become fast friends, like we have known each other for a long time. It is exciting to see your work hanging on the "wall of fame". Before you know it we will have stars in the sidewalk!
On Saturday it was a crazy, busy day with four soccer games, work, and a clogged cesspool! Ugg! The games started at 6:30 in the AM--which was like the middle of the night for me, and the last one was at 7:40 at night. I fit work in the middle of the day.
On Friday I was out of commission because 1/2 way through my day on Thursday I felt like a Mack Truck had run over me followed by an 18 wheeler. I had a "24 hour" flu bug that knocked me on my butt! It scared the kids because Chris had to come and get me from work because I was so was so sick to my stomach I didn't think I could drive and puke at the same time (good graphic writing there--my teachers always liked adjectives). Here is a side note-Sophie has this weird thing where we aren't allowed to have the windows open in the car, even on a nice day, because it hurts her ears. This has been the case since she was a little girl. Well yesterday after I was feeling better she wanted to let me know that she knew how much I didn't feel good on Thurs. when they came to get me at work, so she put up with the pain of the window being open as a sacrifice to me. Aww.....that kid!
Finally a full week this week of school for the kids, which is the first in three weeks for us here in RI! Hoping to get alot done and things to show you!
If you are local I am teaching several (alot) of different classes in the next three weeks so go to to check them out and register.

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