Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Turkey Day Week!!!
Happy Monday!!

I figured I would take some time to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving before I get too wrapped up in the Holiday madness! This holiday is on the top of my list of favorites. Something about this time of the year I love! I really enjoy the fall weather that then turns into brisk winter. My best friend is a hot weather, sun freak! I am more of a cool-cold weather person. Its funny how we all find joy in such different things.
Our family has plenty to be thankful for this year. First, Chris and I. I am thankful that I have a partner who is by my side raising the three beasts God has given to us. Did I say beasts?? Oops, I meant to say angels. :o) And seriously we are thankful for the girls. They are beautiful, sweet at times, and good girls. They are active, opinionated, fun, and very giggly! Our lives would be very different, and boring without them! We are thankful for our house. We know lots of people who have lost there house this past year and are grateful that we are able to pay for our house each month. Although alot of Chris's overtime has been cut we are thankful that he has such a reliable job. Being a nurse is not a job I would ever want, but, in return for all he does at least he has job security. (i hope!) We are also thankful that I have a job I love so much. It was a bit of an adjustment going back to work for all of us, but, not only was I able to get a job in today's economy-- I get to go to a job I love and come home happy I went to work. I'm thankful for my parents. My dad has had his share of health issues this year and is ending the year healthy and alive. I am thankful that my mom is such a strong woman and able to be my dads rock. As hard as this has been on her she maintains life business as usual. I am thankful for my circle of friends. I have the greatest friends in the world and they make my day to day life fun and interesting and are always there for me--- Last but not least---I am very thankful for my dog Toby. He always listens perfectly and never talks back...... I like that.
I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

What are you thankful for???