Monday, October 13, 2008

Contentment just 15 miles from home!!

The girls and I had a lovely day at Dame Farm today. It was so peaceful and sobering. When we first arrived we payed for our wagon ride ($24-not so sobering) and poked around a bit looking at the colorful offerings of the fall harvest. Then the four of us just sat on a picnic table, took in the views around us and waited for the wagon to arrive for about 35 minutes. The girls didn't argue, or complain or anything! It was amazing and a treat all on its own! The ride was about 25-30 minutes and it was amazing how content we all were, the variety of colors the trees had to offer was georgous! After we got back we bought some honey sticks that weren't such a hit among the girls. Also, we bought some fresh gords. They will take 9 months to dry out and will then be ready to paint and make into differnt things. (ie. birdhouses).

We then drove over the to orchard and picked apples. It is so mind boggling how quickly the kids grow. This is one event we do every year and I always use it as a measurement of how time passes. We picked just about 20 lbs. of apples. Our moment of contentment quickly came to a hault once we were back in the van and the kids began to argue!!!

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