Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've have a bone to pick with you!!!
This is such a fun book I had to share it with you!

Cosmo Cricket is one of my favorite paper companies to work with and this Halloween line is no exception. This is the cover of this Bo-bunny book and I LOVE the papers. I have quite a collection of Halloween papers, and really have never scrapped one page! LOL. Isn't that funny!

What is your favorite kind of paper to hoard???
It's almost October, it is positively my favorite time of year!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

In this moment of breath I am able to have here at 12:06 am, I came into my office to print a paper out for Olivia that was on her thumb drive. I love this kid. The ten wishes she lists are vaired, some typical of her age, some typical of her as a person, and some typical of the sweet beautiful young lady that has a caring heart. Aww....this girl.

If you were granted ten wishes, what would you wish for?

If I was granted ten wishes, I would wish for:

1. 100 million dollars.

2. All the clothes I’ll ever want.

3. World peace.

4. To meet the Jonas Brothers in person!

5. To be healthy for the rest of my life.

6. My own mall.

7. People in Africa to have homes and doctors.

8. For the wars to end.

9. To own Disneyland.

10. For no more homework!!!

Those are 10 things that I would wish for.

I notice there is nothing there wishing she could take care of her mother with all the money, but mabye that should be assumed.

Hope your all well.
xoxoxo, me

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I am employed....
LOL. It sounds so funny. My cousin was kidding me today when I said I couldn't come to a party she was having this weekend because "I was working", she said I just like hearing myself say it!! {'s a little true} You know what they say about the SAHM losing your identity, chosing the shirt to wear in the morning with the least amount of stains on it. Can you connect with me?? Like I have told you last job was making sure I looked pretty and my makeup was perfect, it really felt good to get ready for work. I wore heels and pantyhose. Although this job is a little less casual, it feels really goooooddddd! I met some really nice ladies that were all pretty much happy, chose to be in my class, and seemed to have a good time. I have been working really hard on the upcoming classes I have scheduled. {see the slideshow on the left} The one thing that I have found the hardest is bringing it down a few hundred notches to the "basics". I have gone back through the boxes of cards I have made through the years and looked at some of the cards I made in the beginning. The simpler cards are pretty....and I was glad to see them again. Watercoloring is no doubt my favorite thing to do in the whole card making thing. Sometimes I amaze myself. Let me know what you think of the samples.
I also got some new rubber this week from the to die for Stampin Up! Catalog. Quite pretty I must say!! Its always nice to get new rubber!!! I was actually thrilled about the die cut aspect of many of the sets because of my time contraints. I thought I would be disappointed. Change is good.
We went to Indian Ranch for the last time this season on Sunday. We saw Chris Young, {21 years young!!} and Keith Anderson. Both were amazing and the kids were able to get their autographs. I love this place because it is so small and you really feel like the artist knows you are there. We hope to make a few shows next year.
Hope this finds you all well!