Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy, Busy, Life life!!!!

Happy end of summer everyone!!!

School started today for the kids. Wahhooo--happy dance!! Ah hem, well, what I mean is boo-hoo what a great time we had this summer ..........well in bliss! LOL

A few things:
~~Olivia started Jr. High School today. She got up at 6:15 am, which is the middle of the night for her. She spent all the night before and morning trying to make her really thick, curly hair straight....glad to see her mind is focused where it belongs. The boys began calling tonight. Ugg.
~~The other two girls had a great first day and were pleased with their teachers. Since we moved and due to some redistricting they are now eligible for "the bus" which was a big deal.
~~The US Open is well underway and makes me happy!!!{{tee hee}}
~~I begin my new job teaching on Sept. 5th! I have been preparing for the classes and getting things ready! Very exciting!!
~~Last week I had to have a CATscan and unfortunately have to have another surgery, this one to my arm. I will know more in a few weeks. I am feeling really well even with this going on with my body.
~~Between three girls, they are on 5 soccer teams. That in itself it overwhelming. But, thankfully, I love it and have met some great people in our soccer circle. It makes it really more enjoyable.
I'll be posting regularly again. I have lots of great work I want to show everyone!!!
Enjoy this beautiful time of the year!

Friday, August 01, 2008