Monday, July 14, 2008

Technical Difficulties.....
No matter what I tried to do today with the computer I had trouble. GRRR.....
Anyhow, how is everyone???
No photo's today due to these problems. Please view the slideshow which I have added to my sidebar. On Sunday we had an excellent "family" day with the girls. We went to Indian Ranch in Webster Mass. and saw Eric Church and Billy Currington. They were both great, but the day overall was really perfect. The weather couldn't be any better either. This coming sunday we are heading back and are going to see Phil Vasser, who was amazing when we saw him a few months ago at a different venue. I hope to post pictures soon.
For those of you who know how I like "bad boys" visit this site and listen to "all summer long". I hope it makes you have a happy beat to your heart.
xoxoxo, me.
p.s. dosen't anyone leave comments anymore??????????

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