Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another 2 weeks of GREAT Tennis......

OK....I know to this boy I am an old I would just like a piece of him for a little minute!!! Do you see his "guns"??? This Spanish hot-throb has become pretty well know in the tennis world for his set of gorgeous, sexy, bulging arms.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the world of tennis...may I introduce you to Rafael Nadal. The 2008 Wimbledon CHAMPION. He won in 5 amazing sets of tennis against Rodger Federer. He is an 4 time consecutive champion of the French Open and has really cut into some uncharted territory winning Wimbledon today. It has been years since the same man has won the French Open and Wimbledon back to back. Rodger Federer has won the Championship for the past 5 years! "Rafa", as he is known, was born in 1986!!! That is so funny to me~~it happens to be one year before I graduated from high school. He is from Manacor, Mallorca. (I need to visit this place!) He has earned about 18 million dollars in his tennis career, 4 million this year alone without the win from today! So...what he doesn't have in age he has in cash...hummm, nice trade off!! {tee hee}

Today's match was the longest in Wimbledon history with five sets, three tie breakers, two rain delays and one very exciting ending. All three girls went out last night for a sleep over. I woke this morning, went out and got Chris and I some coffee and donuts and we watched this epic match together for most of the day. Breakfast at Wimbledon has become a tradition in our house and today it was so peaceful without the girls. During the rain delay I even managed to make it to my local Scrapbooking Store to stock up on some paper...well because there was a sale after all!!

Venus Williams was the winner of the ladies Championship with her little Sister Serena as the runner up.
Tomorrow I will have some unveiling news (doesn't that sound important) about the launching of my card collection. Stay tuned...

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