Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pop~goes the poppy!!
This is a picture of a poppy in my front garden. Years back we had the most beautiful flower gardens with perennials that came up perfectly each year in perfect sequence from may until October. When I was "away" they weren't tended to and have really taken a beaten. Last year I did some work on the front yard beds but didn't touch the back. The front garden is doing pretty well and I will move on to the back this year. The girls want to have a vegetable garden this year so one of the larger beds will be saved for that. I am excited for those and I know especially Emily is too. Sophia I think will get into it once she sees the progress. I know Emily will be dedicated to the maintenance of it without doubt. Olivia~~~if she just doesn't run in the garden I will be happy. She really doesn't have the patience for that type of thing....but...we will see.

A few things going on in our end of the world:
  • June 7 & 8th I will be going with my friend Maria up to West Springfield, MA for the stamping and scrapbooking show up there. I am sooo super excited!!! I have a wish list of things I am hoping to find that aren't available in our small state.
  • Friday we had field day at school. It went really well for the first one school wide.
  • I have accepted the position of Co-Vice President of our local PTA for the 2008-09 school year.{yikes!}
  • Olivia has her 6th grade graduation on June 12th....another yikes!
  • I have a niece and nephew that are graduation from high school this year. My niece Alicia, and my nephew (also, godson) Alex.
  • My parents have begun to open the pool for the summer !!!! Yippee!!
  • I got a new Canon Powershot S5 SI camera a couple of weeks ago and have been learning to use it!!
  • The girls had tryouts for FALL soccer this week. (isn't that ridiculous}
  • I am in the works with a company to design a Masthead (blog banner) and a watermark for the pictures of my work. {feel free to pass along any other companies you may have used}
  • My cousin Korie leaves for the Peace Corps in less than a week! We had a goodbye for now party for her on Friday night. She is heading to Africa!!!! Please keep her in your prayers for as she makes this big transition!
  • For the most part.......Life is good....

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Faith said...

Sounds like you are one busy gal! PTA seems right up your alley, I know you'll be great. You'll have them all WooHoo-ing in no time!