Saturday, June 28, 2008

My girl....

This is Lindsay Davenport. Still today she is probably my favorite all time tennis player. From interviews it feels like she is "real" person, a hard dedicated player of the game, a positive influence in women's tennis and the underdog that I have cheered for and been disgusted at many times over. She is now a wife, a mother, and still holds tennis in her top priorities. She has had many injuries in the past few years but continues to press on to play the game she loves! I can remember probably 10 years ago watching her play at the US Open in NY and she was losing, and would get into a so called rut and would barely move left or right to hit the ball, I was yelling at the television screen at her...LOL {who says tennis isn't exciting} I thought she was lazy. She had on a few extra pounds and it really slowed down her game. I still routed for her. Then she switched gears...she got into tip-top shape, was fit as a fiddle, and ultimately became the #1 player in woman's tennis. It was her persistence, determination, and positive mind set that made me love her. It was really amazing to watch a person grow from the player she was to the player she became. She blossomed as they say! I have an autographed tennis ball of hers I bought off of E-bay about 5 or so years ago, some autographed tickets to a match, and a photo I also bought. I was so happy when she returned this year to Wimbledon to play. She was healthy and ready to go. Then a knee injury made her withdraw from the tournament. I was sad. I just want her to win one more. I just hope I can cheer her on one more time. I am hoping it is at this years US Open. Go Lindsay you are an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G inspiration!

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