Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer for us is such a jolted halt to our lives it is amazing. Right now we are only committed to once a week soccer on Friday night {Olivia & Sophia}, Olivia has a horseback riding lesson on Mondays which my mom brings her to, and other than that we swim everyday, eat ice cream by the pool, sleepovers, and work in the gardens. That's about it. Hummm.....this is what I wish for all winter long. As much as I enjoy it it really is such a change. I have forgotten how to relax. I think it is true....the more we have to do the more we get done. We roasted marshmallows in the fire pit tonight and have spent countless hours in the hammock at night and first thing in the morning both relaxing and having lots of giggles. I wish we could install a video camera above that thing because we are bound to win the money on America's funniest home videos. Me AND the three girls {sometimes 4} AND Toby fit on it and it really is a great source of pleasure for us. Someone is always hanging on for dear life!!!! Our little sanctuary so to speak is great, Chris built it by himself over a few years and we use it everyday during the summertime. We have paper lanterns hanging from the cieling, a water fountain, and a blanket for chilly nights. The one thing I want my girls to always remember are the memories/traditions like this. Swinging on the hammock on the porch, marshmallows in the fire pit {i might mention we couldn't make smores tonight because my little children at all the Hershey bars!!!}, and lazy summer days at Grammie & Pops pool. The added bonus this year is that Pop is at the pool because he has finally retired!!!!!! That is a memory in itself! So, take some time for yourself and your family this week and make a memory!! What's your favorite summer childhood memory or a family tradition?

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