Sunday, June 15, 2008

A conversation between Emily and I while laying in my bed watching a tribute to reporter Tim Russett earlier tonight.

{a picture of Hillary Clinton}
M: "Do you know what that woman's name is Em?"
E: "Yes, its that Hillary chick"
M: "chick??"
E: "yes, Clinton chick, that WAS running for president"

{a picture of Barack Obama}
M: "Do you know who that is?"
E: "Barack dude"
M: "Dude????"
E: "Dude..Obama"

M: Emily who is the president of the United States right now?
E" "George Washington"
M: "Are you sure???"
E: "Yes...George Washington Bush"
M: "Really??? George Washington Bush????"
E: "What else would you think the W. stands for???"

Lol, I just found this conversation so funny. It was like I was stupid and really needed to get in check with myself. All that was missing was the "duh" at the end of the sentance!

Hope you had a nice day.

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