Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer for us is such a jolted halt to our lives it is amazing. Right now we are only committed to once a week soccer on Friday night {Olivia & Sophia}, Olivia has a horseback riding lesson on Mondays which my mom brings her to, and other than that we swim everyday, eat ice cream by the pool, sleepovers, and work in the gardens. That's about it. Hummm.....this is what I wish for all winter long. As much as I enjoy it it really is such a change. I have forgotten how to relax. I think it is true....the more we have to do the more we get done. We roasted marshmallows in the fire pit tonight and have spent countless hours in the hammock at night and first thing in the morning both relaxing and having lots of giggles. I wish we could install a video camera above that thing because we are bound to win the money on America's funniest home videos. Me AND the three girls {sometimes 4} AND Toby fit on it and it really is a great source of pleasure for us. Someone is always hanging on for dear life!!!! Our little sanctuary so to speak is great, Chris built it by himself over a few years and we use it everyday during the summertime. We have paper lanterns hanging from the cieling, a water fountain, and a blanket for chilly nights. The one thing I want my girls to always remember are the memories/traditions like this. Swinging on the hammock on the porch, marshmallows in the fire pit {i might mention we couldn't make smores tonight because my little children at all the Hershey bars!!!}, and lazy summer days at Grammie & Pops pool. The added bonus this year is that Pop is at the pool because he has finally retired!!!!!! That is a memory in itself! So, take some time for yourself and your family this week and make a memory!! What's your favorite summer childhood memory or a family tradition?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My girl....

This is Lindsay Davenport. Still today she is probably my favorite all time tennis player. From interviews it feels like she is "real" person, a hard dedicated player of the game, a positive influence in women's tennis and the underdog that I have cheered for and been disgusted at many times over. She is now a wife, a mother, and still holds tennis in her top priorities. She has had many injuries in the past few years but continues to press on to play the game she loves! I can remember probably 10 years ago watching her play at the US Open in NY and she was losing, and would get into a so called rut and would barely move left or right to hit the ball, I was yelling at the television screen at her...LOL {who says tennis isn't exciting} I thought she was lazy. She had on a few extra pounds and it really slowed down her game. I still routed for her. Then she switched gears...she got into tip-top shape, was fit as a fiddle, and ultimately became the #1 player in woman's tennis. It was her persistence, determination, and positive mind set that made me love her. It was really amazing to watch a person grow from the player she was to the player she became. She blossomed as they say! I have an autographed tennis ball of hers I bought off of E-bay about 5 or so years ago, some autographed tickets to a match, and a photo I also bought. I was so happy when she returned this year to Wimbledon to play. She was healthy and ready to go. Then a knee injury made her withdraw from the tournament. I was sad. I just want her to win one more. I just hope I can cheer her on one more time. I am hoping it is at this years US Open. Go Lindsay you are an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G inspiration!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I just found this cute "collage" feature on Picasa. It was cool so I deceided to give it a try. This is a card I made with lots of dimension, machine stitching, my new nestabilities, and primas. To make my brads look like the sugar coated ones I just used stickles on them. I hope you like this House Mouse image, I think he is sooo cute!!! Hope your having a great day!
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A conversation between Emily and I while laying in my bed watching a tribute to reporter Tim Russett earlier tonight.

{a picture of Hillary Clinton}
M: "Do you know what that woman's name is Em?"
E: "Yes, its that Hillary chick"
M: "chick??"
E: "yes, Clinton chick, that WAS running for president"

{a picture of Barack Obama}
M: "Do you know who that is?"
E: "Barack dude"
M: "Dude????"
E: "Dude..Obama"

M: Emily who is the president of the United States right now?
E" "George Washington"
M: "Are you sure???"
E: "Yes...George Washington Bush"
M: "Really??? George Washington Bush????"
E: "What else would you think the W. stands for???"

Lol, I just found this conversation so funny. It was like I was stupid and really needed to get in check with myself. All that was missing was the "duh" at the end of the sentance!

Hope you had a nice day.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pop~goes the poppy!!
This is a picture of a poppy in my front garden. Years back we had the most beautiful flower gardens with perennials that came up perfectly each year in perfect sequence from may until October. When I was "away" they weren't tended to and have really taken a beaten. Last year I did some work on the front yard beds but didn't touch the back. The front garden is doing pretty well and I will move on to the back this year. The girls want to have a vegetable garden this year so one of the larger beds will be saved for that. I am excited for those and I know especially Emily is too. Sophia I think will get into it once she sees the progress. I know Emily will be dedicated to the maintenance of it without doubt. Olivia~~~if she just doesn't run in the garden I will be happy. She really doesn't have the patience for that type of thing....but...we will see.

A few things going on in our end of the world:
  • June 7 & 8th I will be going with my friend Maria up to West Springfield, MA for the stamping and scrapbooking show up there. I am sooo super excited!!! I have a wish list of things I am hoping to find that aren't available in our small state.
  • Friday we had field day at school. It went really well for the first one school wide.
  • I have accepted the position of Co-Vice President of our local PTA for the 2008-09 school year.{yikes!}
  • Olivia has her 6th grade graduation on June 12th....another yikes!
  • I have a niece and nephew that are graduation from high school this year. My niece Alicia, and my nephew (also, godson) Alex.
  • My parents have begun to open the pool for the summer !!!! Yippee!!
  • I got a new Canon Powershot S5 SI camera a couple of weeks ago and have been learning to use it!!
  • The girls had tryouts for FALL soccer this week. (isn't that ridiculous}
  • I am in the works with a company to design a Masthead (blog banner) and a watermark for the pictures of my work. {feel free to pass along any other companies you may have used}
  • My cousin Korie leaves for the Peace Corps in less than a week! We had a goodbye for now party for her on Friday night. She is heading to Africa!!!! Please keep her in your prayers for as she makes this big transition!
  • For the most part.......Life is good....

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