Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One step forward......closer.....to my dream.

There is something about me that is a little quirky...I like to be my own boss. lol

During college I had a part-time job here and there but for the most part I ran a small t-shirt business and sold at local flea markets and was a street peddler in Providence, RI along with my brother Richard. We always had so much fun. I printed my own shirts, ordered my own inventory, and had a lot of flexibility. Once I would create things like baskets with stiffened fabric bows, sweatshirts with these really ugly designs on them and then outlined them in puffy paint and people loved them! I would go to local craft shows etc. to sell my wares. Then I began my full-time real job at Stop & Shop as floral manager. I did that until I became pregnant with my second child. Between my oldest child and my second Chris and I experience two miscarriages so they signed me out the day I found out I was pregnant with Sophia and I never went back!
In 1996, I began selling Mary Kay cosmetics and that lasted for 10 years, loved it and enjoyed meeting great, positive people, traveling....making people feeling great about themselves, it was a great gig. Once divorced it wasn't a logical choice for me. So I increased my E-bay business I had begun in 2000. It was always just a little fun thing I did, but never considered it as a business. That became the logical choice, I was working nights while kids were in bed. I have been doing that ever since. Pretty successfully I must add. I have been struggling lately with what I want to do with the artistic side of me. I want to teach classes, haven't followed through. Don't want to do the "art show" type thing either. So I have been playing the lottery once a week, in hopes I will win, Chris can retire and I can open the best scrapbook/stamping store in the area. No luck yet. {keep your fingers crossed} But..my one ticket a week is better than no ticket a week. Seriously, if I am meant to win, it only takes one ticket!!!! :o) This week I listed a new scrapbooking book I have created and it sold! I have created some scrapbook pages that have sold, but I hate scrapbooking, so it was no fun. This book, I loved. I hope its the start to something great!!!!!! As I figure out what I really want to be when I grow up I will continue to lose weight so I can be really cute in the great clothes I am going to buy with all the money I make selling my books!!!!!
Hope your having a happy day!!!
Above is a page from my book.....

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