Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My new buddy..

Cyberworld buddies meet "Hammy", Hammy meet my cyberworld friends.....

For the last few months we have gotten aquainted with several hampsters that have made brief visits to our house they have not made it too long here. Kind of like foster kids that don't behave or obey, they have to move on to another home.

For Sophie's birthday she wanted a hampster. Being the great parents we are~~we obliged and granted her her wish. Her dad was going to take her to get it and I told them about 1.6 million times, "make sure you get a baby, if its not a baby wait a little longer" Chris took her to the local chain pet store and come home with hampster and a cage with all the tubes etc. attached in tow. "Macho" became a new family member. My first question, "how old is it?" "Under 6 months they reply" I knew we were going to have problems. Sophia is very particular. Everything has its place and she makes sure she puts things there. She cared for her hampster with the most love and care a 10 year old could. Always straightening out his cage {which by the way he would just reput back to how he liked} One morning we woke to find Macho has escaped. 5 days later he returned to his cage we had put on the floor full of food, he took the food and left for about another 9 days. {stop laughing} He came home again, and two days later he we found him stiff as a board on his back in his cage. It was sad. Sophia didn't want to bury him fearing the dog would dig him up, but we had the calling hours, funeral services, flowers on the tiny patch of disturbed soil in the back yard, but ultimately we put him in a few Shaw's bags and tossed him in the trash bucket. Then we got Lilly, she was a maniac from day one, Sophia was scared to death of her, infact I was scared to death of her. It took her about 1.2 seconds to escape from her cage and we never heard from her again.

We ditched the tubes and plastic cage and I gave Chris a big "I told you so" as I tossed it the garbarage. A few weeks passed and it was time to relook for a hampster for Sophia, she was bugging me. Off we go this time to the local family run pet shop. Baby hampsters GALORE! Pick your color, sex, size, age, it was great!!! The not so great part was that all three girls were with me and I got caught up in the moment and let them each get one. {I wonder why I'm crazy?!?!}This time we went to Walmart and bought 10 gallon fish tanks and they have been safe ever since. We have "Macho, II", "Rocho" {"Rocky" for short"} and Godzilla {he is a dwarf hampster and Olivia thought he should have a strong name to make up for his small stature :o)} All has been well, they are in seperate cages and that is the end of that. Well.....except for one thing.....I wanted my own hampster......

So, a few weeks ago I went back to the pet shop and saw my new little baby hampster. I wanted a black teddy bear hampster. They told me I had to wait five weeks until they were ready. Yesterday Sophia had soccer tryouts and it was thundering and lightening so we had to leave early, on they way home I said want to stop at Reubens and see how my hampster is doing. She got excited and said "sure" Well they were all gone!! I was like, what is going on!! So I asked at the counter and they told me they were all gone except one that was on hold for "Joe". Luckily Joe said he would be back "tomorrow" and it has been two days. So...I got my little guy!! His name is "Hammy" short for Hampster. I love him, here is his first photo............Poor Joe!

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Marcia L. said...

Hi Kooky,
It's your little sis here. Well I haven't been following your blog lately, but I was inspired today to check you out for two reasons, to see how you are faring... and I see youa re doing well. The second reason is to let you know that you have inspired me(with some extra proding from my daughter)to get into fitness program. So on that note I have joined Curves and I am progressing very nicely. Will be talking to you later via e-mail. Have agreat day.