Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wow, what a ride!
Tomorrow will mark three weeks on this exceptional ride!!! I apologize for not staying in better touch on the blog. So, week one weigh in was as expected....great!!! I had given my all and expected the scale to show so. I was down five pounds and 6 ounces!! Amazing! My energy level had increased incredibly, no pounding headaches, and no 3 o'clock tiredness. Our bodies are literally like a car so to speak. The gas you put in results in the amount of miles you will get out. Better foods in our bodies produce better output. I had proven this to myself. A smart woman....I am, but I just put the connection together.
The treadmill of 3 times a week for twenty minutes had been increased to 3o minutes. I was still keeping up. Things were great. My first week weigh in was with Ami, she was so encouraging and positive. Last Wednesday I went and weighed in for the second time. I had to meet with my trainer who is now Bill. Hummmm.....was Roberto just a tease....I had worked so hard to see the smile and have him proud of me and I end up with B-i-l-l. Is this a joke? Bill = 5'9" tall, skinny, not good skinny either...like boney knee skinny. He tells me to get on the scale, didn't really seem to know what was going on with me, he seemed cold. Well, then he tells me, "you seemed to have stayed about the same", "what time of day did you weigh in last week" SSSSSkreeeecccchhhhhhhhhhh......Are you !@##$%^^ kidding me? Easter week here- I didn't eat the ham...I made chicken for me....no mashed potatoes....I baked a sweet potato. The same. I'm confused! So we go into his office, when he proceeds to tell me that he has ten minutes because he has to go to his second job. I wanted to talk about why I didn't eat ham on Easter Day and why I had only lost 2 ounces! We go over my food log, he was pretty passive. I leave, disappointed. Motivating disappointment. I pulled in the reigns.
My training appointment was with Bill again yesterday. I considered cancelling and demanding Roberto..lol. But, I didn't. I was greeted with the same boney knees and tiny body. We got into a discussion where I had to say, "Wait a minute, I don't know what the hell you are saying....lets start over." The receptionist was laughing at us! He has me "hop on the scale". Ewww... I said, "I'm not suppose to weigh in until Wednesday with Ami" He said, "Just hop on for the heck of it!" I did as instructed. I looked down and couldn't believe it. I was down 4 lbs!! He couldn't believe it either!!! At this point I LOVED Bill--boney knees and all!!! He was happy for me, told me how great I was doing and all of a sudden became very perfect in my eyes. We began on our trek upstairs as he tells me about his triathlon he is training for. His dilemma--the Jimmy Buffet concert was the day before it. It will be his 30th Jimmy Buffet concert!! So then we began, a perfect workout. We talked through the whole routine about concerts, kids, the difference between a psyciologist and personal trainer. The workout becomes easy-peasy when you have someone there next to you keeping your mind off the actual task at hand. So---never judge a book by its cover! Bill is fantastic and we meet again on Monday morning. The time is mine to do what ever I want...I have a little interest in the Elliptical machine, so I might inquire about it.
So tomorrow I will weigh in again and maybe be surprised again. So far....19 days and I have shed 9 lbs and 8 ounces. I hope tomorrow I will make double digits.
I hope this finds you all well. Spring is on its way!!!!
Big Hugs!

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Marcia L. said...

I'm checking on you as promised.
Trust that you are doing well, and progressing nicely.
Talk with you soon.