Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Skinny Mind

Seven days ago today I faced reality in the face to face. I hopped on the scale, met with a nutritionist, a trainer, learned my BMI, my hydration level, my weight, and a few other things that also seemed out of wack. The two good things came of that day....I made a start, and "Roberto" (say it with an accent that you would think it should be with, oh yeah, and add a million dollar smile and buff as buff can be body) I met with him first. He told me he would be my trainer. He asked me a bunch of questions,all which I answered completely honestly. "So Kathie {cat-tea--insert accent} what do you do for physical activity?" I looked him in the eye and said..."Honestly, Roberto, I don't" Why not be honest. I was there to start, if I lied and told him I was walking three miles a day, I probably wouldn't be there. He did ask me if I knew how much I weighted because I hadn't met with Ami, my nutritionist yet so it wasn't on record. With my million dollar smile I responded, "110 lbs" :o)
Then I met with Ami, she weighed me, hooked up to a little machine, punched some numbers into the box next to the scale, it printed out a little paper, like an old adding machine, then we sat down and looked at the numbers. I had gained about 20 lbs since being back here with Chris. (approx. a year) And, for the first time in a long time, even my mind didn't feel skinny. That is why I decided to join this 13 week program. Those last 20 lbs. really put me in a different state of mind. My body fat percentage is over 50%. Gross. I am eating between 1700-1800 calories a day for the time being, and have had to do the treadmill for 20 minutes three times this week. It has all gone well and I will go weigh in tomorrow morning at 11:45. They have set a goal for me to lose 12 lbs. in the 13 weeks. 30 lbs in 6 months. Those numbers were discouraging a bit to me because really I wanted to lose all 100 lbs. in the 6 months. Oh well. Baby steps, baby steps.
I will post some more in the weeks to come about some challenges I have faced so far, including my experience with the treadmill, battles with Chris over the cooking, and my frustration with not being able to lick the peanut butter knife in the morning after making the kids sandwiches. Please feel free to comment with anything you think I could find useful.
My skinny mind is realizing its not so skinny, one calorie at a time.

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Lawwife said...

I just recently ran across your blog and have enjoyed it. This post, in particular,warranted a comment. Congrats on taking the steps to be healthier and your trainer sounds great :). I need to lose all the weight that I gained with my four kids but have failed so far! Maybe I need a trainer with a great accent :>.