Sunday, March 02, 2008

Living life in fast forward....

I'm tired. Overwhelemed. Frazzled...hummm what else does it feel like??? Like living life in fast forward. That best describes it. I put my head on the pillow at night and sigh. Life seemed so wonderful for awhile. Lately, it's almost too much to keep up with it. I am trying to slow it down. So much has gone on since my last post on 12-14 {hard for me to believe} that I will try to fill anyone one in who cares.
Charlotte--she is doing exceptionally well. Incase I haven't mentioned it my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, is the tender age of 87, legally blind, and quite honestly is one of the most inspiational people in my life. I can remember her dealing with the death of my grandfather Norman who battled a long battle with cancer, she moved passed that, she met Jack maybe 5 years later, then battled the breast cancer, got diagnosed as blind, then had to bury Jack suddenly. As a child I spent a lot of time with her and Norman at her house on weekends. After his death and Jack came into her life it seemed we became distant because we were both very busy with our own lives so to speak. I always had my grandmother Mary so it almost went unnoticed. Since my grandmother Mary died in 2004, I had often wished I had more time with Charlotte. And now I do. We are like girlfriends more than grandmother/grandaughter. I respect her and she respects me. She is always full of advice {which I need} and I return the favor with tell her how wonderful she is. LOL {which is what she needs} Keep her in your prayers as she continues to heal her heart of the loss of Jack.
The Girls- Amazing as usual. The picture above was taken of Feb. 1st at the father daughter dance. They looked so grown up and beautiful. This is Olivia's last father daughter dance as they do not have them in Junior High. They had fun and so did Chris.
Concerts- We have seen Carrie Underwood and my boy Toby Keith, as well as Gary Allan in the last week! They were all great, especially my boy Toby! I just love him. Gary Allan is Chris's favorite country music singer and it's always nice to see him and watch Chris's reaction. I took Olivia and Sophia to see Hannah Montana in January, it was extremely fun for them! The Jonas Brothers were with her too, and now I have their albums on my itouch. In December Chris and I went to see Jim Brickman, who is an amazing pianist. If you haven't heard of him check out his website. He is soo funny in person with is wit and he performs with Anne Cochron who is an amazing singer too. We were able to see Taylor Swift, Kelly Pickler and Trace Adkins on December 30th as well. First time seeing Taylor Swift, quite a superstar I must admit!!
My dumb move of the new year: I have owned a Blackberry phone for about a year, it took me almost 6 months to figure out the damn thing. Many refer to the phone as a "crackberry" because it is so addicting to check email etc. Well on Superbowl Sunday I found my beloved Blackberry nice and clean on the bottom of my washing machine. It was heart breaking. Dead, dead as a doornail. T-mobile won't even give me a break on the price of a new one. Oh well. And...I accidently spilt a cup of coffee {I swear it was only 3 drops} on my laptop about a week before and it had to be sent out for repair, so Chris was still upset about that when the Blackbery incident happened so he hasn't been too quick to replace my phone. For now I am using a crappy, ugly, average phone. I hate it. I guess it is humbling. The good news, is in April I am eligible to get a discount on a new phone, so concidently the IPhone comes out with T-mobile service in May. {tee hee} I think I almost have him convinced I need to have it or I will die!!! LOL. I'll keep you posted.
Lastly, Stamping: I certainly haven't done as much as I want or need too, that is going to change soon. I will be posting some new cards and layouts I have been working on next week.

For now, take care, drop a comment and say hello. I hope this finds all of you well and a bit more rested than I.

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