Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am alive! I can't believe how many people have actually let me know they miss my postings n my cool! Things here have been going well. Life is so busy! Not crazy like stupid busy... but, busy!
Holidays! I love them. For the last 11 years this has been my favorite time of the year. Twelve years ago at this time Chris and I awaited the birth of our first child. It was such an awesome time. Seems like yesterday. We lived in a little condo, the two of us and my dog Princess, and Rusty the cat. (he was black & white--go figure) By this time we had to re-clean the nursery it had been set up so long. The tiny clothes had been organized and re-organized. My body kept growing and growing...I was amazed. On December 24th our little bundle of happiness came into the world and our lives have not been the same. Today, Olivia is vibrant, beautiful, and turning into a little person...fulfilling as it is for us, its much too quick for our liking. I have never been as fulfilled the way I was that Christmas, she truly was the best Christmas gift ever. A few times a week I act like I am having labor pains...she thinks I am nuts! I love that little girl.
On a sadder note, we lost a dear member of our family this week. My grandmother Charlotte's companion of 19 years passed away suddenly. Jack was 84, and I was surprised at his age when I saw it in the obituary this morning. He was so active, I guess I had never really realized his age. He took exceptional care of my grandmother. She was lucky to have him in her life all these years. Jack and I shared the love of tennis. We use to talk tennis all the time. Sometimes during the four Grand slams we would trade late night calls back and forth. Time and time again we always talked of picking up the rackets and play a game or two. It never happened. I don't know why. I am thankful for that we had a quaint Thanksgiving dinner together with Charlotte and Jack along with my parents this year. It was never usually this small, but that is how it turned out this year, and for that I will be forever thankful. Here is a link to his obituary. I don't think the picture will show up.

I hope this find you all well this Holiday Season!

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