Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The girl never ceases to amaze me...

As I was going through some picture files today trying to sort through and see what needs to be developed etc, I came across this beautiful picture (one of many) that Olivia took this summer on our vacation to Williamsburg, VA. Olivia received this camera from my parents last Christmas. She has really done a great job of capturing some photos that in my opinion are pretty spectacular. What is so amazing to me is that this beautiful picture does not really tell the story of this day.
Chris, Olivia, and Emily were going to take a cruise on this chartered boat while Sophia and I stayed back and spent some time doing something that Sophia would enjoy more. Well, the problem was that when they gave us directions, they may as well have had us take an airplane. Rather than go from point A to point B, they has us go to point A then to Z, back to B. Literally. So as we pulled up they saw the ship pulling away from the dock. The three of them ran down the dock trying to halt the ship. For a second Sophia and I thought they had actually done it, but, as it turns out it didn't stop. Although Chris was very disappointed because this charter was really something he was looking forward to doing, he put it on the top of his list for next year when we visit. Olivia took the opportunity to capture some great photos. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!!
Olivia is truly an amazing individual. She can be very annoying at times. But, the thing that is so annoying to me about her is what is going to get her far in this world. Persistence. She can take the same question and phrase it 7 million different ways until it finally sounds appealing to you. Often Sophia and I sit and talk about the card making business we will one own and operate. We will talk about who we would have work for us, who we wouldn't, what colors we would paint the walls....all that stuff. And although we often see-saw back and forth about if we would hire Liv, we have decided that we would because we always say she could sell "shit-on-a-shingle", with a million dollar smile on her face! She could convince someone it is environmentally friendly and every household should have one. That is our Olivia. Today, she began Latin classes after school...why? I don't really know, but what I do know is that someday it will probably help her as she changes this world. She will do great things in her life time, that I am sure of.

Stay tuned!

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Angie said...

That is an absolutely beautiful picture. It almost looks like a painting. She is a very talented person.