Saturday, September 08, 2007

Some of my best work yet.....

{deep breath}
I have made it through a week of blurrr....
Last week my sinus infection turned into a trip to StatCare for some IV fluids to get me over the "hump". Evidently, it turned out that I had a allergic reaction to the medication which is why I had such violent purging of every fluid in my body. At one point I was on the bathroom floor and my body felt like it was honestly exploding!! Every possible place for something to come out was. (I know... gross..TMI) It is just amazing how the body can help itself get rid of something it doesn't like. While Chris (who is a RN) is hoovering over me frozen, I look up at him any say "I think I need a minute to get myself together". When things got better he told me he thought, "You need more than a minute" lol. Anyhow, that was Monday, and on Tuesday I was back into the swing of things, making lunches in the am and on the soccer field at night for Olivia's game. I am fully recovered now. Whew!
My scrap booking has come together nicely, I have finished some rather nice pages and have found out that sewing on my pages is my niche. It makes scrapping fun for me and I have been pleased with my work. It has fallen a bit over into my card making too, which has been a nice change of pace. These are two of my newest "Autumn 2007" collection that I have been designing. I am pleased with these two the most. They both use sparkling H2o's on them which doesn't show up in the scan well. I am going to invest this week in a nice set of Prismacolor watercolor pencils too because I will be taking a class next month where I need to have them and want too play with them a little bit before hand.
I love these cards and think they are among my favorites to date. What do you think?
Have a great rest of the weekend.

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dorothy erdely said...

i LOVE these 2 cards!!!!! hope you've put them on SCS so i can add them to my favorites. glad you're feeling better---didya get my cards? suzanne & i have both been sick since sunday--but not as bad as you, it seems!!!! luv ya, dorothy