Monday, September 17, 2007

More than Thankful...
Is it the weather? Seeing the fall items not to mention some Christmas things in every store you go into? The fact that the kids are back into school and I have time to sit back and realize all that has happened in my life in the past 12 months? But this past weekend has just been a wave of emotions for me. I am in complete happiness, almost child like giddy....why does this feel weird? I think maybe it has been far too long since I have felt this way...but, I am REALLY enjoying it!
One feeling I can explain that I am feeling seem to be complete thankfulness. I feel thankful. My life is in tune. Stereo so to speak. My house is in order, my laundry is done, I am able to scrap and stamp to my hearts content without guilt. My husband and I are enjoying having all this time together once the kids are at school. I have a scrap booking club that meets once a week that is really been fun and gives me the enthusiasm to scrapbook throughout the week so I have something to share (ok, with them the next week. All these things make me happy.
A year ago I was in a very different situation, my brother was a mayoral candidate for the city I live in, and it was full force ahead with the campaign. This type of situation can be overwhelming all on its own. I was hard on me and I didn't do anything, I can only imagine what he and his family went through. Every now and then I had to take a shower, look pretty, and paste a smile on my face to show up at some fundraiser to show my support for him. The girls and I were living alone and it really took everything out of me to make it through day both emotionally and physically. I was basically hanging on by a string.
Today my brother, his wife and my parents along with neighbors (who they ran into there) are camping at a nearby campground enjoying their lives stress free. When my mom called me tonight I asked her to remind everyone there what we were up to a year ago. I worried about my brother a lot after losing the election. Lately, he is a normal guy enjoying his life in normal speed instead of fast forward. Tonight I am sitting in the house I love, in a new kickin' chair that we got today at a consignment store typing on my blog. Life is good. Change is good. My red chair rocks!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

These are a couple more cards I have been working on. The hat one is very cool, it is one stamp that I cut out to make three different hats. I put glassy glaze on a couple of them and stickles too. The web has bit on it too to make it look shiny. And the tag says, "witchie,witchie, screamie, screamie, happy, happy, halloweenie!" So cute!
The spider web has a sparkly spider that has stickles on it. It uses my favorite Madori ribbon that says "Trick or Treat". I used this brand ribbon at the florist I worked at a few years back, and some of them are to die for!
Hope your enjoying your day!~

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Some of my best work yet.....

{deep breath}
I have made it through a week of blurrr....
Last week my sinus infection turned into a trip to StatCare for some IV fluids to get me over the "hump". Evidently, it turned out that I had a allergic reaction to the medication which is why I had such violent purging of every fluid in my body. At one point I was on the bathroom floor and my body felt like it was honestly exploding!! Every possible place for something to come out was. (I know... gross..TMI) It is just amazing how the body can help itself get rid of something it doesn't like. While Chris (who is a RN) is hoovering over me frozen, I look up at him any say "I think I need a minute to get myself together". When things got better he told me he thought, "You need more than a minute" lol. Anyhow, that was Monday, and on Tuesday I was back into the swing of things, making lunches in the am and on the soccer field at night for Olivia's game. I am fully recovered now. Whew!
My scrap booking has come together nicely, I have finished some rather nice pages and have found out that sewing on my pages is my niche. It makes scrapping fun for me and I have been pleased with my work. It has fallen a bit over into my card making too, which has been a nice change of pace. These are two of my newest "Autumn 2007" collection that I have been designing. I am pleased with these two the most. They both use sparkling H2o's on them which doesn't show up in the scan well. I am going to invest this week in a nice set of Prismacolor watercolor pencils too because I will be taking a class next month where I need to have them and want too play with them a little bit before hand.
I love these cards and think they are among my favorites to date. What do you think?
Have a great rest of the weekend.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Mack Truck

I think I have been hit by one...
I have been in bed for two days immobilized! Thanks to my good friends and family my kids have been well entertained. My head isn't pounding so the antibiotics are working, still have a fever, sweating, shaking with chills, I called my mom to come over and rock me, but she said I was too big. Boo Hoo!
Luckily,the US Open is on so as I lay there sweating to death I have something to listen to.